Community Engagement

Youth Connect Services started out as a nonprofit organization with the aim of empowering the youths in our community. Since the establishment of our organization, we have started various programs, equipping the youths with necessary skills and tools, which become the foundation for success. By reaching out to our community, we get the opportunity to identify problems and provide solutions, allowing everyone to grow. We place immense importance on supporting our community, as it is our goal to make the world a better place.

After establishing various programs, we have observed a significant improvement in our community. All the members of Youth Connect Services have spent several years helping the minority community in Greater Toronto Area. For instance, our board members have worked as youths service beneficiaries, funders, instructors, administrators, and community service practitioners.

Due to this reason, we are proud to say that our board members have the talent and skills to establish the objectives of our organization. Thanks to their tremendous expertise, they have helped in shaping our organization to become better than ever.

They have shared their experience to improve our programs so that they make a bigger impact. We continue to engage with our community, to understand how we can improve our services to increase their value to the youths. Our team of professionals has been working hard to become instruments of change.

They have gone out of their way to understand the needs of the community, while forming valuable relationships with the youths. Due to their selfless services, we have been able to create wonderful opportunities for the youths in our community.

We work with industry experts, as we don’t make any compromises with quality. Not only have we made it easier to get employed in different industries, we have imparted education which lasts a lifetime!