Youth Connect Services offers flexible and customized training and consulting to help the youths further their mission and goals by applying the Youth Connect Services. Call Youth Connect Services today to find out more information about our programs and scheduling.

Empowerment and Capacity Building Programs

As a non-profit organization, Youth Connect Services strongly believes in empowering the youths living in Toronto, Canada. Today, the highly competitive job market wants every candidate to have a strong portfolio if they wish to get employed in any business.

Peer Mentorship Program

Youth Connect Services understands that the importance of providing the youths in the GTA with mentorship. We believe that mentorship is integral in developing youths, as it gives them the foundation to become powerful leaders. As a result of this, they realize their potential in making positive changes throughout their communities.

Networking Services & Other Capacity Building Activities

Youth Connect Services has taken tremendous amounts of effort to understand how to help the youths of Toronto become leaders for tomorrow. We realized that the only way to ensure continual development is by providing the members of the youths with noteworthy networking services.

Financial Literacy

As a youth, it is important that you take the necessary steps to secure your future. Knowing the basics of finance will go a long way for you, as it prevents you from making bad decisions in the future.

Language Program

Regardless of which job you want, it is vital that you have great communication skills. It is quite common for job seekers to assume that they possess this skillset. In reality, if you want to land a good position or climb the ladder of success, it is important that you become an expert in this asset.

Community Engagement

Youth Connect Services started out as a nonprofit organization with the aim of empowering the youths in our community. Since the establishment of our organization, we have started various programs, equipping the youths with necessary skills and tools, which become the foundation for success.

Youths Employment

Landing your favorite job means a lot more to you than knowing that you will get a paycheck for your efforts. Getting employment comes with numerous benefits, which will help you achieve your dreams.

Youth Gun Violence and Crime Prevention

There is no doubt that violence is a huge issue for communities, in Toronto and within the GTA. AYCA seeks to address this growing problem by empowering youths to realize their talents and engage their communities in a positive way.

Digital Presence

Thanks to the considerable growth in technology over the past few years, your life has become more convenient. Whether you are looking for your dream job or trying to expand your current skillset, everything is just a click away.

Entrepreneur Bootcamp

When it comes to establishing a business as a newcomer in Ontario, you will find the whole process overwhelming. For instance, there are numerous subjects you have to cover, such as the audience you want to target, the type of business you want to set up, and how to reach out to them.