Professional Certificate in Sales Excellence

Certification Program Overview

This course will make you a more successful salesperson and bring in more business through more successful sales teams. Whether you are directly involved in sales or have a team that you want to make successful, the smart tips in this course are powerful for achieving ultimate sales success.


DAY 1 (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM)

Unit 1-Establishing our sales mindset
Develop a clear and compelling WHY to drive your approach to add value for your customers during the sales process.
Identify why we are selling
Review CLIENT X’s sales processes and mindsets
Recognize the difference between good, bad, and excellent service and sales
Construct your WHY that drives your service
Explain the cost and impacts of poor sales to our organization

DAY 2 (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM)

Unit 2-Understanding who our customers are :
Develop a framework to understand who our customers are and what matters most to them.
Identify relevant and important customer personas
Anticipates the needs and expectations of our customers
Recognize critical moments that matter.

DAY 3 (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM)

Unit 3- The Sales Excellence C.U.R.V.E
Construct the Customer Service & Sales C.U.R.V.E.
Framework and build tactical sales skills
Explain how to Connect, Understand, Resolve, Validate, and Execute while serving customers
Practice and model positive communication techniques

DAY 4 (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM)

Unit 4- Sales prospecting
Develop a formal prospecting strategy customized to your target market
Create impactful email templates, voicemail scripts and video messages
Determine if your prospect is a good fit for your product or service
Master how to handle objections
Execute a strategy for holding your prospects accountable

DAY 5 (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM)

Unit 5- Closing with confidence
Focus on the right value for your customers and the key metrics that matter for your organization
Clarify WHY your clients should be excited and compelled to acquire your product /service
Map out your desired leading and lagging key performance indicators
Prepare for your sales coaching conversation

Pre and/or Post Materials:

• Sales Assessment
• Optional Article List
• Optional Book List

Fee per participant: $2,000
Minimum Course Size: 4 participants