Peer Mentorship Program

Youth Connect Services understands that the importance of providing the youths in the GTA with mentorship. We believe that mentorship is integral in developing youths, as it gives them the foundation to become powerful leaders. As a result of this, they realize their potential in making positive changes throughout their communities.

The peer mentorship program you get from Youth Connect Services is second to none. We have taken the time and effort to develop this program, which will help you acquire the necessary skills to become a thought-provoking leader.

After spending countless hours, we have found the right mentors, who can act as wonderful role models to the youths. The mentors have significant amounts of experience in a variety of industries, making them ideal candidates for our program.

Our program will help you sharpen your social skills so that you become a strong individual in your community. At the same time, we have activities which will raise your confidence, allowing you to crush your goals within a short time frame. We only partner you with individuals who are leaders in their community, so that you can learn the ropes of becoming one. Thanks to our practices, it becomes extremely easy to connect with your mentors.

We also know the importance of surrounding members of the youths with like-minded people, as it fosters faster growth among them. Due to this reason, you will find it seamless to fit into your assigned group, as everyone on your team wants to achieve the same goals.

We make it a point to ensure that the leaders provide you with the essential information and skill sets which will help in becoming the stepping stones to success. If you want to develop the right skills, join the peer mentorship program by Youth Connect Services today.