Youth Gun Violence and Crime Prevention

There is no doubt that violence is a huge issue for communities, in Toronto and within the GTA. Youth Connect Services seeks to address this growing problem by empowering youths to realize their talents and engage their communities in a positive way.

The program will address:

* Youth Gangs

* Youth Violence

* Youth Bullying

* Youth Cyberbullying

Youth Connect Services programs will focus on prevention and Intervention strategies including but not limited to the following:

*After school activities aimed at empowering youths to become community leaders and resist the temptations of gang life.

*Increase the participation of youths in pro-social activities and social-emotional learning.

*Improve family relationships and relationships with supportive adults.

*Decrease substance use.

*Decrease criminal activity.

The intervention program with providing one on one Mentoring and Counseling Services to address issues of sexual assault substance abuse, suicide and gang involvement.

The program will also provide skills training and job search support services.