Networking Services & Other Capacity Building Activities

Amara Community Youth Association (ACYA) has taken tremendous amounts of effort to understand how to help the youths of Toronto become leaders for tomorrow. We realized that the only way to ensure continual development is by providing the members of the youths with noteworthy networking services.

The activities we organize will allow you to grow as a professional and as an individual. The first type of program is employment skills training, as we believe this is extremely important to you. In this program, you get access to powerful tools, which will help you connect with professionals from various industries.

We believe that these connections are crucial to a professional, as it becomes easier to secure employment. We help you hone your skills in writing your resume so that your employer has a positive first impression after going through this document. Our team of experts will highlight where you can improve your resume, which will get you to the interview stage.

There is an interview bootcamp, another program which will teach you how to perform well in this part of the employment process. Thanks to the significant amounts of experience available to our team members, they will share tips and tricks which will help you secure the right jobs. We will equip you with essential computer skills, which will make your portfolio stand out as an employee.

We also provide the skills training program, which focuses on providing indispensable opportunities in skilled jobs. For instance, if you are planning on becoming an electrician, plumber, mechanic for heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning (HRAC), you will find this program immensely useful.

If you are interested in developing your skills as a professional while sharpening your expertise, then you should get in touch with Amara Community Youth Association (ACYA). Apply today so that you can start the journey of becoming a leader!