Youth Employment

Landing your favorite job means a lot more to you than knowing that you will get a paycheck for your efforts. Getting employment comes with numerous benefits, which will help you achieve your dreams. You get the opportunity to connect with leaders in the industry, who will become your lifelong mentors. It gives you the ability to create a path for your career, increases your confidence, and makes you believe that you have the power to achieve everything.

At Youth Connect Services, it is our goal to ensure the youths of the GTA are given the platform to showcase their skills. Our team of professionals has vast amounts of experience in working with the youths. They equip the youths with the necessary skills and tools to succeed in any work environment.

If you are looking for a headstart in your career in the field of trades, our non-profit organization is a great place to begin. After taking advice from industry leaders and experts, we have formulated training programs, which will help you as an individual and a professional.

The services we provide support apprenticeship and skilled trades, to ensure that the youths in the GTA have access to quality employment at all times. Our programs will focus on refugees, newcomers, and youths in the GTA, as we want to support everyone in our community.

Once you become a part of our program, our team will analyze your needs and requirements. We will also provide extensive training and information sessions to ensure that everyone is up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. Thanks to our team, you can get the necessary referrals to land incredible jobs.

If you are a youth who wants to make it big professionally, enroll in our youths employment programs today to make the most of our high-quality services!